Maria and Brandon

Our Story

Brandon and Maria met in Seattle in June 2011, introduced by Brandon's Uncle Dan and Maria's Aunt Laurie who moved in across the street from one another about 7 years earlier on Whidbey Island. When Maria's Aunt Laurie told her they were meeting Brandon, Dan's 30 year old nephew that worked in commercial real estate, for dinner, Maria, 23 and fresh off of her first job traveling the country running a mobile PR operation, imagined him as "a kind of old business guy in a brown baggy suit," wondered what commercial real estate people even do and figured it would be a great opportunity to ask him about professional things like job searching since she was moving to New York that summer...Brandon was not that.

When he showed up in a "one-size too small" comic book t-shirt, Ray Bans and jeans, Maria remembers feeling "very lame with nothing interesting to say." Maria tried to act cool and asked Brandon about live music in the city, and he responded with an invite to a show he had tickets to with a friend...He didn't have tickets, but made it work regardless. Luckily, Maria's cousin, Christopher was there, or she likely wouldn't have gone solo.

Cut to a summer romance of coincidental (but slightly purposeful) meetings across Seattle and New York, and Maria and Brandon decided to make it official (although long distance) sometime around Labor Day. After a year of gaining a lot of airline miles, Maria moved to Seattle. Then, they moved to back to New York together. Lots of incredible adventures later, one time they went to Hawaii and Brandon proposed while hiking on the Na Pali Coast trail in Kauai. It was awesome, and they're looking forward to bragging about it to their grandchildren someday.

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Thursday Evening Welcome Cocktails and Live Music

9:00 PM, September 21, 2017
The Spur Bar And Grill
352 Main Street, Park City, Utah 84060

Join us for a drink and a song to get to know the crew!

It's easy to get to on the free bus outside of the hotel.
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Friday Morning Activities: Yoga, Hike, Pool

8:30 AM, September 22, 2017
Hotel Park City Lobby
2001 Park Avenue, Park City, Utah 84060

Join us for some fun Friday activities:
8:30am: 60 min yoga class with Maria. Wanna go? Meet in Hotel Park City lobby at 8:15am

10:00am: Hike led by Brandon - Wanna go? Meet in Hotel Park City lobby and we'll walk from there. (Bring: tennis shoes or light hiking boots, some water and a snack!)

Other fun things to do:
Golf: Enjoy a round of golf at the Hotel Park City golf course
Art Walking: stroll through the world class art galleries on Main Street, free bus from the hotel
Hotel Park City pool time: Beautiful outdoor pool
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[UPDATED] Friday Apps and Drinks

12:00 PM, September 22, 2017
Highwest Distillery
703 Park Ave, Park City, Utah 84060


Join us at the High West Distillery, one of our fave spots in Park City for local whiskey drinks and apps instead. Apps and the first round is on us

The free bus or a $10 uber will take you right there. Have questions on how to get there just ask the hotel.
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Friday After Dinner Cocktails

9:00 PM, September 22, 2017
No Name Saloon
447 Main St, Park City, Utah 80460

Join us for a bourbon to shake the pre-wedding jitters at one of the coolest Saloons in Park City.

It's easy to get to on the free bus outside of the hotel.
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Saturday Wedding Ceremony and Reception

5:00 PM, September 23, 2017
Log Haven
6451 Millcreek Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

Shuttle service to and from Hotel Park City.

- Ceremony at the Meadow at 5PM
- Cocktail Hour at Log Haven at 5:30PM
- Dinner at Log Haven at 7PM
- Dancing at Log Haven from 8:30 to 11PM
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Saturday After Party

11:00 PM, September 23, 2017
562 Main Street, Park City, Utah 80460

Meet downstairs in the lounge if you're not ready for bed yet!
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Sunday Farewell Coffee & Pastries (Room 309)

10:00 AM, September 24, 2017
Hotel Park City (Penthouse Room 309)
2001 Park Avenue, Park City, Utah 80460

Join us in the Penthouse room at Hotel Park City for a casual goodbye get together. We'll have coffee, pastries and hugs, and will be there from 10-12pm so stop by as you please.
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Wedding Party

Braxton and Miles Lurk

Ring Bearer

Braxton (3) and Miles (8 months), Maria's nephews, are obviously ridiculously cute. Maria, Brandon and the boys enjoy practicing yoga poses, watching snow ski videos (never too early), bounce-housing (or just bouncing in Aunt Mimi's arms in Miles' case), playing the horse game, tickle parties, snuggling and doing funny faces. Braxton and Miles live in St. Louis. Big Uncle B and Aunt Mimi miss them daily, and excitedly await their first NYC visit.

Katie Loida Lurk

Maid of Honor

Katie is Maria's older sister. Katie and Maria shared pretty much everything throughout childhood with varying degrees of success, including most extracurricular activities, homework, a car (which one time ran out of gas fault of Katie) and a bedroom, things they look back on and miss now that they live halfway across the country from one another. Katie lives in St. Louis with her husband, Jason, and the two ridiculously cute ring bearers.

Shannon McCoy

Maid of Honor

Shannon and Maria met when they were placed as random roommates their freshmen year of college at Mizzou. Unplanned, they pledged the same sorority and the rest (the rest being roommates for as long as possibly able) is history. Shannon lives in Dallas with her hound dog, Harpy Doodle.

Samantha Bordignon


Samantha and Maria became fast friends in college, as they both shared classes at the Journalism school and dreams of creative careers. It didn't take long for Samantha and Maria to realize their collaboration power, and once they did, they penned several original songs and led their peers to many award-winning performances. Samantha lives, sings and tells jokes in Chicago.

Michelle Place Miller


Michelle and Maria's mothers are sisters, and they had the lucky fortune of spending their childhood playing at Rock Valley Lake at the Carron family cabin. They both had strong imaginations as children, which translated to adventurous hearts as adults, something they've gotten to enjoy together and look forward to supporting each other do in the future. Michelle lives in St. Louis with her equally adventurous beau, Nate, their pup Josie, and a baby boy on the way.

Sara Probasco Vivoda


Sara and Maria's paths crossed while in college due to their many common interests, most prevalent, the terrible, old house they shared with 8 other women. Both dancers, they co-directed many performances on campus until they were ready to get out of dodge when they both studied abroad in Europe, making unforgettable memories spending money they didn't have. Sara now lives in Chicago with her hubs, Bobbo (not pictured).

Emily Diesel Sullivan


Emily and Maria grew up in the same hometown, both went to Mizzou, pledged the same sorority, lived together in the aforementioned terrible, old house and have a very deep, shared love of Mexican food. And in case you were wondering, have perfected the bean and cheese quesadilla and "beachwear-themed" party attire. Emily lives in Kansas City with all-around superhero husband, Blake.

Jameson Weber

Best Man

Jamie is Brandon's smarter, younger brother, who to this day claims incorrectly that he's also the "taller one". They've skied, climbed, and built a business together with plenty of bumps and bruises along the way to prove it​. He lives in New York with his beautiful fiance Hilary.

Jake Licht


Jake Licht and Brandon have been friends since meeting at a mutual friend's bachelor party 6 years ago, when they both realized they were too old for Vegas. Since then they've strategized about life and business and cycled or hiked hundreds of miles together. Jake has a penchant for costumes, and a collection larger than most normal wardrobes. He lives in Seattle, WA with his wonderful wife Annie-Rose and their kiddo Will.

Christian Fresco


Christian has been Brandon's best ​childhood friend since 8th grade. They played in every band the school had, freestyle rapped, and cruised around in Brandon's 92 Chrysler Lebaron not impressing anyone. Christian is known to break out raps or breakdance moves if you give him the right track. He lives in Seattle, WA with his rad wife Sara.

Owen Rice


Owen was Brandon's business partner ("work wife" as Maria would say) at CBRE for almost 6 years as they took Seattle CRE by storm. Early on they discovered a shared love for all things outdoors and cheesy dance moves. Despite living 3000 miles apart they still manage to find ways punish themselves in the mountains most recently running across the Grand Canyon, and then back again. He lives in West Seattle with his wonderful wife Bonnie and their two boys Miles and Findley.

Philip Loida


Philip is Maria's oldest brother and chief joke cracker. He's a busy man who manages to run a dental practice, help ​run the family business (Loida Ag Service​) and run a farm in Ste. Genevieve without breaking a sweat. ​Phil makes a mean salsa, chili, and smoked ribs. He's ​a skier and sarcastic whiz of the family, which is probably why he and Brandon get along so well.

Michael Loida


Michael is Maria's youngest brother by 5 years. After graduating from Mizzou, he's now following in Phil's ​foot​steps and getting his ​doctor in dentistry at UMKC, on scholarship from the Airforce. A lover of ​light ​country ​pop, jorts and sleeveless shirts, Michael makes us all feel old while we teach him important life lessons.


Hotel Park City

2001 Park Avenue, Park City, Utah 80460

Most wedding weekend activities will be centered around Hotel Park City. Please contact our event coordinator, Cortney at Hotel Park City at 435-940-5035 or via email at and mention Loida Weber wedding for group rates.
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DoubleTree by Hilton

1800 Park Avenue, Park City, Utah 84060

Walking distance from Hotel Park City. Please contact our group coordinator, Krystal Vernor at the DoubleTree at Direct (435) 655 4404 or by email at and mention Loida Weber wedding for group rates.

Packing + Attire

Wedding Day Attire is Formal. The ceremony and reception are both outdoors.

Autumn Park City Weather
Daytime - 70-75F
Evening - 40-50F

We recommend packing for the shoulder season (i.e. layers). Prepare to enjoy being outdoors the majority of the time, light-weight hiking type clothing for the days and slightly warmer items for the evenings, including a light jacket or sweater. Bring a swimsuit or pool lounge wear (there is a pool and hot tubs at Hotel Park City) too.

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While your presence is what we care about most, we've also created a one-stop (online) shop to streamline wedding gifts with options to ship straight to our home in New York or share in person. Thank you again for being apart of our lives! We love you!
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